Lovely hills almost like a painting and vineyard rows as far as the eye can see tell us the story of an area called Oltrepò Pavese and located in the north of Italy.

It is like a pearl hidden by an unusual shyness, almost to the limit of discretion. A simple area but with unquestionable qualities in itself: the majestic villas of the past, the medieval villages, the wild castles on the green hills, the woods of trees and wild small bushes, and the paths in the deep nature, our culinary traditions, and our first-level wine production.

This enchanting place will seduce you bringing you in a new world where the cockcrow will wake you up every morning as in the best fairy tales and the birds chirping and the odd nature sounds will be your background during your cheerful days.

So you won’t be able to look away the sweet and winding uplands anymore and your taste will be delighted by the Oltrepò wine. Of course, imaginative sentences or candid shots won’t be enough for you because the only way to satisfy and enjoy these emotions is to come here in our magic Oltrepò putting your heart in it!

If it is true that you never forget your first, your first experience in this territory will remain in your soul. Then, once discovered, you will crave to come back here again and again because you will never be pleased and your heart and soul will wish to return here because it is an enjoyable, relaxing, and enchanting place: welcome to our gem, welcome to Oltrepò Pavese.