In an ancient mansion dating back to 1700, surrounded by breathtaking countryside and vineyards, by wide green areas and truly interesting architectural glimpses we organize private ceremonies, corporate meetings, conventions, parties, banquets, exhibitions, and guided tours.

We also have wide, bright rooms suitable for all your needs.

A wide, private car park is available.


Conferences and meetings

The villa is about twenty minutes drive from Pavia, a university city where campus departments and faculties organise conferences and meetings throughout the academic year: the villa can become home to cultural and business conventions.

The first floor features a large hall for conferences and marketing meetings, with a connected bar.

The room can hold 100 people, who can also utilise other spaces such as the library, billiard room, a small living room and the spacious gallery, where tables and seats are available.

The room is equipped with technological tools able to meet the various communication needs: microphone, speaker, projector and Internet connection.


Exhibitions events and more

The rooms in the villa are available for events such as exhibiting paintings, sculpture, vintage musical instruments, jewels and antique objects.

It is possible to organise outdoor concerts, literary evenings and presentations, monologues and small theatre performances, requiring simple scenic apparatus.

The interiors are characterised by the presence of a large fireplaces and elegant furnishings, the vineyards in autumn, the gardens full of roses in summer, the spaces of the charming chapel created during all months of the year are ideal conditions to choose the villa and the estate as a location for photo shoots and for the preparation of televised advertising and film sets.